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 Hashrate: 420KSol/s

  Weight: 10kg

Get to Know the AntMiner Z15: An Overview

The AntMiner Z15 is the newest release from Coin Bitmain. This mining equipment is designed to increase the capability of mining Zcash (ZEC), Horizen, Hush, and Komodo coins and new units will be expected to ship the first week of September 2020. Originally released in May 2020, the unit sold out almost instantly and orders are now being processed on a first-pay, first-ship basis.

AntMiner Z15 uses the EquiHash algorithm and outpaces its predecessor with three times the hashtag power without using a lot more energy consumption. It features a 1510W power output at 12 volts and includes two fans to keep things cool. According to specifications, this miner can handle up to 420,0000 H/s, along with up to 440,000 at maximum output, and offers a profit ratio of up to 369%.

What is AntMiner?

AntMiner is a specific line of computers designed for mining bitcoins. These computers are made with programs that allow them to solve complex computations so that they can chain transactions together. Users who create these “blockchains” are rewarded with new Bitcoins for their efforts, and some even pay transaction fees for the process.

Bitmain launched its first AntMiner bitcoin miner in November 2013, attempting to dominate the industry. The AntMinerS1 was a powerful machine at the time, and although other companies had bit mining machines available, the AntMiner family continued to grow. Today, there have been dozens of models released from Bitmain in the AntMiner collection, leading up to the impossible-to-find Z15 series.

The AntMiner Z15 Specs

We’ve already talked a little bit about what this machine can do, but for those who want a true look, here’s a breakdown of the specifications from Bitmain about the Z15 directly:

Hashrate Min: 420

Hashrate Max: 440

Power Efficiency: 3.60-3.76 on wall @ 25 degrees Celsius

3.72-3.85 on wall @ 40 degrees Celsius

Power Supply Output Requirement: 1576 Watts min., 1752 Watts typical

# of Hash Boards: 3

Network Connection: Ethernet (RJ45 10/100M)

Noise Level: 72db

Size: 133 x 245 x 290 mm


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