• B Simone is under fire for plagiarism.
  • The “Wild N’Out” star plagiarized multiple bloggers’ work for her book, “Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want.”
  • She claims she “dropped the ball,” but her actions indicate something much more sinister.

B Simone is in hot water.

The star of “Wild N’Out” is currently under fire after it was revealed that she plagiarized multiple bloggers’ work for her book, “Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want.”

While Simone is feigning ignorance, her motives suggest something much more sinister.

B Simone Had A Very Different Attitude A Few Days Ago

Just a few days ago, B Simone came under fire for a very different reason. The “Wild N’Out” star — who was best known for her audacious publicity stunts with rapper DaBaby — criticized men who have “9-to-5” jobs. She said that she couldn’t date a man who wasn’t a “hustling entrepreneur.” And she called working-class men “corny.”

By no means are we saying that women should financially support men. However, this wasn’t the thing to say in a time of worldwide medical and financial crisis.

There were more than a few people who didn’t appreciate B Simone’s comments about working men. | Source: Twitter

Stealing from Black creatives is NOT COOL, B Simone. | Source: Twitter

These statements, combined with her arrogance about being a “millionaire,” led to B Simone getting dragged for her life on Twitter.

Pride Before The Fall

The blogosphere was already feeling affronted by B Simone. And rightly so.

So when the Boss Girl Bloggers revealed that Simone had plagiarized more than a few pages from their already-published book, Twitter naturally finished her off. Mortal Kombat had nothing on the brutality that Twitter inflicted on the struggling comedian.

B Simone was caught stealing from multiple blogs. | Source: Twitter

Simone’s manager blamed the design firm. Rapper Meek Mill tried to defend her. But Simone ultimately realized that she needed to take the blame.

I feel like the people I hired in my team dropped the ball, I’m taking full accountability because at the end of the day, I’m the leader. I’m the CEO, I’m the coach, so it’s my brand. I take full accountability, even though I did not know. My business mind is growing every day. The way I do business is growing every day. I take this as a learning experience.

B Simone previously claimed that she was the one who wrote the book. But not only did she lie, she stole from Black creatives in the process. And in times like these, that’s not what anyone needs, or wants, to “manifest.”

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