• I’ve long said that Meghan Markle had designs on Hollywood after she snared Prince Harry and royal status.
  • The Duchess of Difficult has had a “difficult” time breaking through the barrier to the top jobs in LA.
  • Her designs on working with Brad Pitt are laughable, and so are attempts to blame her failure on Jennifer Aniston.

Recently we’ve been led to believe that Meghan Markle was focusing her energy on worthy causes such as the BLM movement in the US and establishing a charitable foundation. Still, it seems the Hollywood dream isn’t quite over yet!

Yup, that’s right. Meghan still has designs on fast-tracking her way to the A-list table and becoming the screen icon she always wanted to be.

In all honesty, who can blame her for trying? I bet people laughed at her when she claimed she wanted to be a Disney princess and marry into royalty.

Meghan Markle honestly believes she can hang with the big names in Hollywood

Reports from sources speaking to New Idea are claiming that Meghan Markle has been reaching out to Brad Pitt’s people:

Meghan has been badgering Brad’s people at Plan B [Entertainment] to set up a meeting for them since the day she and Harry touched back down in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Meghan honestly believes that her new-found royal status and the fact she’s returned to LA with a prince on her arm will see face to face time with Hollywood royalty like Pitt become a reality.

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That’s right! I’ve continuously been shot down by the Sussex Squad when I claimed that the Duchess of Difficult always had plans to move back to LA with Prince Harry in tow as her bargaining chip to secure a career she is nowhere near talented enough to achieve on her own merit.

It seems I wasn’t so far off the mark, huh?

I wonder if the bodyguard has Brad’s home phone number? | Source: Twitter

Despite her tenacity, Meghan has found it challenging to catch the attention of the A-listers

While it seems Meghan Markle has no qualms about using her “friendship” with George Clooney to try and get that elusive meeting with Brad Pitt, she hasn’t been able to make her connections count yet.

Malibu Meg has seemingly been ignored.

Hey, Brad doesn’t always ignore Meg! He just doesn’t want to work with her! | Source: Twitter

Now, this obviously cannot be because she’s just another Z-lister who’s trying to hustle her way into the big time. I mean, the fact Brad Pitt probably gets emails and phone calls to his production company every day from deluded wannabes can’t be the reason for the silence towards Meghan Markle, can it?

No, there has to be another reason.

Meghan Markle is being held down by jealous Jennifer Aniston!

Of course! Jennifer Aniston is undoubtedly behind the silence and refusal to take Meghan’s calls! I mean, who refuses the chance to have dinner with a princess, right?

According to the source that spoke to New Idea, Jennifer Aniston is merely jealous that Meghan Markle may have her eye on Jen’s man:

Word gets around in Hollywood, and she’s heard how Meghan had designs on her husband during an intensely painful part of her life, so she is suspicious of her motives.

Yeah, that’ll be it.

Jennifer Aniston, one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, who has just recently finished up the first season of The Morning Show that saw her paid a whopping $2 million per episode and who sees her bank account rise by millions every time a channel somewhere shows Friends is jealous of Meghan Markle.

Maybe the truth is that Meghan simply hasn’t earned the right to play with the top talent?

One thing that the source said to New Idea makes sense, and it’s something I’ve claimed for a while:

Lastly, Jen is friends with a crew of actresses who have worked their a**es off since they were kids to get where they are, and they’ll be damned if this woman comes in expecting to take the plum roles with just a handful of real acting experience, just because she married Harry. She has told Brad in no uncertain terms that she is not supportive of him working with Meg.

Boom. Mic drop moment.

Meghan Markle doesn’t deserve the top roles in Hollywood. There are far more worthy, hard-working, and talented actors and actresses out there.

It seems I’m not the only one who sees through Meghan Markle and her nefarious plans.

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