Meghan Markle fans are expecting big things from the upcoming “tell-all” book. But contrary to expectations, facts on royal life will be thin. And don’t expect any royal-family bashing, either. | Image: REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo

  • Meghan Markle fans are losing their minds over the upcoming “tell-all” book.
  • The thing is, there’s no way the couple is going to bash the royal family. They’re not that stupid.
  • This book is being written by a Meghan Markle fan, for Meghan Markle fans.

It seems that every Meghan Markle fan can’t wait for the “explosive tell-all” biography being written by two of Meghan’s friends.

They’re practically falling over themselves in anticipation that the publication will spill all manner of tasty details about the royal family. The Sussex Squad believes that the Queen and Prince Charles are fraught with worry over what this bombshell of a book will expose.

That’s why the Sussex Squad is made up of morons.

This book is nothing more than a money-spinner and some PR for Meghan Markle

Let’s get real for a minute, folks.

The truth is, this book will be heavy on the gushing praise of Meghan Markle and her charity work. It’ll talk about how Prince Harry, despite his love and respect for his family, wanted to go his own way.

Anyone who thinks it’s going to bash the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, or even Kate Middleton is going to be sadly disappointed.

The book is being sold as “tell-all.” It won’t. | Source: Twitter

This book will serve two purposes. Putting Meghan Markle back in the headlines and making the couple enough money to pay their security guards and rent

for the next year or two.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the British royal family

Do we honestly believe that Prince Charles and the Queen will first see the content of this book when it hits shelves? Of course not.

They’ll know ahead of time what’s being written. And if they object to anything, I will wager that it won’t make the final edition.

I think a lot of people, especially our American friends, underestimate the royal family. They see the Queen on television in her pink outfit and her cute little hat and think she’s just a grandma who lives in a big house.

Not the case.

There’s a lot about the Queen that Meghan fans simply don’t know. | Source: Tweet

The last thing that even Meghan Markle wants to do is make enemies with the royals.

We see Malibu Meg’s fans constantly berate and insult the royal family, but what these simpletons fail to understand is that it’s still Prince Harry’s family.

You know, the husband to your idol? The father to the child you all claim to love and adore?

The writers chosen to pen the book tells us much about the content we can expect

Let me begin by saying that I’m not intentionally bashing either Omid Scobie or Carolyn Durand when I say this.

But, it seems evident to me that these writers, especially Scobie, have been chosen for their abilities to create puff pieces.

Omid Scobie is perfect for a book aimed at the Sussex Squad. | Source: Twitter

We’re not looking at a heavyweight of the royal publishing world here. Omid Scobie is not Tom Quinn, the author of a new book on the inner workings of Kensington Palace.

He’s nowhere close.

And his book should not be expected to stand alongside the work of a recognized royal writer such as Quinn.

To make that comparison would be entirely unfair.

This book is being written for the typical Meghan Markle fan

With that said, the authors of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s book are perfect for the audience at which it will be aimed.

Facts on royal life will be thin on the ground, while lavish praise will be heaped on what will likely be a complete reimagining of the life of Meghan Markle.

If you’re the type of person who is infatuated with what you believe Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to be, rather than someone interested in learning the truth, then this book will be for you.

I’ve often said that the couple is nothing more than a blank slate onto which many of Meghan’s fans project the life they wish they had.

This book will likely facilitate those types of people.

Let’s hope they buy in their droves. This is potentially the only real serious money-making project that exists for the couple.

Reading about trains and talking about elephants isn’t going to finance a Hollywood lifestyle.

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